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Question for Pietta 1873 Owners

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Pietta Owners,
I am curious of your opinion of the 1873 Pietta. What do you think about them?


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I have owned a pile of them and still own a pile of them.  I consider the Pietta GW II to be the best "Value for Dollar" Single Action for our game.  Over the past decade+, Pietta have constantly improved their guns.  Well made and requiring the least amount of "set up" of any current offerings.

I also consider Pietta Cap Guns as the best starting point for playing CAS with Cap and Ball guns.

I also like building Conversions on Pietta Frames/Barrels.

Oh, also, I really like Pietta's

I have been a Uberti guy since my first Iver Johnson Cattleman way back in 1974, and have owned almost countless of them since. About a year ago, I bought my first Pietta, a nickle plated Pistola in.45 Colt and was amazed at the action right out of the box. Since then I have bought two more, an all blued .357 and a 10 shot full sized .stainless .22 lr, that have been great right out of the box. I always give my new guns action jobs, and with these Piettas, there is very little for me to do. IMHO, Uberti with their lawyer approved actions may have seriously hurt their own business.


I own a number of Ubertis but only one Pietta.  It is a Cimarron Frontier (GW2 with different markings).  The onliest thing I don't like about them is the base pin that is only notched on one side, but that was easily replaced with an Uberti pin.

The new generation of Pietta have Uberti beat by a mile.


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