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New guy to the forum here but I have a couple of ‘86’s, one 45-70 Octagonal barrel, and one 45-90 “short” rifle which to tell the truth gets mostly 45-70 down the tube. Both are really great rifles and more accurate than my 64 year eyes. Both are pretty, reliable, SOLID rifles.

The ONLY thing I abhor about both rifles are the rebounding hammer and that stupid lawyer inspired tang safety which make it all but impossible to install a vernier tang sight — HOWEVER, the octagonal barrel has a “climbin’ Lyman” sight and the 45-90 I’m going to try a Skinner peep on the bolt. IMO both are better than the factory sights.

That being said, with 405G cast bullets in front of 4198, and with factory buckhorn type sights, I am able to shoot 3” groups @100yards consistently and in spite of both being very stiff out of the box, 50 rounds down the tube smooths everything out immensely.

If you *really* hate the tang safety, Turnbull will eliminate it and put a half cock hammer on them for….gulp….$1300.

I wouldn’t sell/trade either one for convienence as they are both VERY fine rifles that feed/function perfectly for me, they look great, and are a hoot to shoot!


I have a pedersoli I like really well.


--- Quote from: Cowtown on May 28, 2022, 05:40:50 PM ---I have always wanted either a '76 or an '86.

The '76 because of the whole Tom Horn history. I can trim brass and load the 45-60 with BP OK, but the '86 is also huge (which is a draw for me) and already is a 45-70 for which I already maintain reloading capability.

So... nodding towards the '86.  I have spotted a dealer online who has several Miroku Winchester '86's, all nice guns. Dealer has no Uberti '86's which are generally a bit less money. Thus my question. Since I have never handled either an Uberti or Miroku '86, are there any major differences between the two besides the tang safety? Neither is "inexpensive".

I own several Uberti Cimarron and Taylors rifles in various calibers and configurations and one Miroku '73, all great rifles. Is this gonna be a six of one, half dozen of the other?


--- End quote ---

Before you make up your mind on this - handle a new made 76 .....i have both and I would keep the 76 if I was forced to part with one .



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