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3d Gen Serial Number List


Tascosa Joe:
Several years back St. George put a listing of 3d Ben SN on this forum.  I am not able to find it.  St George would you bring it back?  Thanks

St. George:
It's still there under 'serial numbers'...

Third Generation Colt Single Action Army Serial Numbers

Something of interest to add to your little Wilson booklet, and remember - 'Real Cowboys Shoot Colts...'


3rd Generation Colt Dates of Manufacturing Updated to 2012
Serial number at the beginning of the year.
 1976 80000SA
 1977 82000SA
 1978 90500SA - 99999SA - SA01001
 1979 SA13000
 1980 SA30250
 1981 SA46900
 1982 SA58628
 1983 SA65256
 1984 SA66496
 1985 SA70500
 1986 Not Available - Factory Strike
 1987 SA70813
 1988 SA71464 - SA72269 SA90136 - SA94433
 1989 SA94434
 1990 Not Available Most from existing frames.
 1991 SA94673 9mm and Birdshead grip frame introduced. New Blue Box with White Shell introduced.
 1992 SA96588 Long Flute Cylinders introduced.
 1993 SA99879 - SA99999 "SA changed to "SxxxxxA".
 S02001A - S07005A .38-40 introduced.
 1994 S07006A Screwless frame introduced.
 1995 S10123A
 1996 S12560A
 1997 S15886A
 1998 S21569A
 1999 S26457A Cylinders with removable bushing re-introduced.
 FT00001 Colt Cowboy introduced.
 2000 S29100A
 2001 S31500A
 2002 S33400A
 2003 S34000A .38 special reintroduced (S34600A). 2nd Gen. removable bushing re-introduced.
 2004 S34500A Late December Shipments of re-intrtoduced .32/20
 2005 S38000A
 2006 S41300A
 2007 S42900A & S53000A (out of sequence due to two different vendors for frames)
 2008 S48100A & S57300A (out of sequence continues)Etched Panel re-introduced on .44-40.
 2009 S48300A & S57300A
 2010 S49000A & S64000A (out of sequence continues)Nickel Plated .44-40 etched panel introduced)
 2011 S48000A and S65000A (out of sequence con't.) 175th Anniversary SAA produced in 3 barrel lengths)
 NF20000 (New Frontier production resumes)
 2012 S66200A (7 1/2" 175th Anniversary SAA's production concludes)


Scouts Out!

Tascosa Joe:
Thank you very much.  How about making this list a sticky?



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