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Favorite barrel length

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This question isn't aimed at someone who only owns one SAA.  If you have owned all barrel lengths, 7 1/2, 5 1/2 and 4 3/4- which do you prefer and why? I have a 4 3/4

Dave T:
I own all three standard lengths, plus a 3" "Ejectorless Model".  I've always felt the 4-3/4" was the the best balanced but I have to admit I enjoy shooting my full power black powder hand loads through the 7-1/2" the most.  (smile)


For elegant looks, the 7 1/2" wins hands down. Also, easier to shoot at longer range targets. BUT, drawing and re-holstering is a royal pain. Yes, you can use a crossdraw holster to help, but then you have to worry about the 170 Rule. I like ether the 4 5/8" or 5 1/2" for the much easier handling. The same issues applying to my Schofields and Opentops as well.


Including replicas I have several 4 3/4", one 5 1/2", several 7 1/2" and one 3 1/2" (Thunderer). I certainly love the looks and balance of the 4 3/4".   I guess the question has to be asked as to whether you are asking for CAS use or not.  As Deacon mentioned, the shorter barrels are more convenient.  But when I'm not shooting conversions, the SAA's I shoot most are 7 1/2" .45's.  I have a method of drawing and reholstering with authentic leather which is easy but not too fast with butt forward.  But I also have a set of strong side holsters that are angled inward somewhat.  They look a little gamy which I'm not crazy about but let me draw them pretty easily.  Of course buscadero rigs are good for that (if you can make yourself wear one, haha). 

So, if you only have a 4 3/4" I'd say you NEED a 7 1/2 as well, and then you can decide if you NEED a 5 1/2 also.  It's really all about personal choice, very subjective.


 :) Davem  ;)

Allow me to throw in a little convolution if I may (doing it anyway  ::)).  I don't particularly care for longish barrels.  If held to OEM options from the prime manufacturers, I would choose 3 1/2 inch guns, so long as they have the Ejector assembly for balance.  In second place would be 4 3/4 inch, also for balance and feel in the hand.

I mostly shoot Percussion Guns.  My personal Cap Guns are 3 1/2 or 3 3/4 inch SNUBBIES, built on Pietta 1851 .44 guns, to retain a stub of the loading ram for balance (useless for loading).  Never met a barrel I didn't want to cut.  I also cut ALL my Open Tops to the Ejector Housing, resulting in a 4 7/16 inch barrel.  Balance is wonderful.

Play Safe Out There


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