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Picked up my 1886 from Turnbull yesterday

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Howdy gents.
I have an 1886 Takedown I bought about a year ago. It's a very early USRA stamped Miroku rifle and was in beautiful shape when I got it. It's been a years long dream of mine to have a Turnbull rifle and yesterday that dream was realized. I did not opt for all new stocks as I liked the figuring in my originals. So they refinished them in the old style and added Winchesters "F" pattern checkering. Aside from the CCH and rust blueing refinishing work, I had them delete the tang safety reverting it back to the original design and ream the chamber from 45-70 to 45-90. To say I'm thrilled with how I came out is an understatement!

As a side note, I have some news that hasn't been put on their web page yet. They gave me permission to share publicly. They will be soon offering a line of 1873s. In the showroom were two racks filled with about 40 brand new 1873 straight from Winchester "in the white" for the steel and final finish of the stocks not completed. So look for those to be added to their offerings in the coming months.

I'm going to try to add some pics, but it might not work as I think I ran into a size issue when I've tried to post pics here in the past. Bear with me here, if the pics don't post I'll see if I can get on my laptop and do it from there.

Coal Creek Griff:
That's excellent! Congratulations!  I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. If you can't get them to post, you could email them to me and I'll reduce the file size for you if you'd like.


Thanks Griff. I'll take you up on that. Can you send me your email? Mine is Dooman800@Live.com so you know what to look for

Coal Creek Griff:
I sent you an email.


Coal Creek Griff:
Here's one photo of RIDE-RED350R's beautiful Turnbull 1886



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