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Selleck's Last Stand at Saber River 1860

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Watched it again last night.  I loved the converted 1860. While in 1865, it would have been a long cylinder conversion, probably in .44 Henry, instead of another caliber. 

That's why I took a Pietta 1860 Army, faux ivory grips, and a Kirst Saber river Konverter.  In fact, despite the other CAS pistols I have (Colt 1873, 1872 Uberti Open Top, and 1851 .38 Konversion) I find that I pair my Saber River with my 1875 Schofield (also with faux ivory grips).  That and my HRA 1860 are my primary CAS battery.

Between Saber River and Crossfire Trail, Selleck uses three favorite guns: 1860 conversion, 1875 Schofield and 1860 Henry.

Rube Burrows:
Many years ago I bought a set of Tom Selleck's movies. The set came with Crossfire Trail, Last Stand At Saber River and Monte Walsh. Three of his best movies in my opinion. Love the stories in each, love the guns in each and love the attention to most of the details in each.

I still watch them often.

Tuolumne Lawman:
I agree, they are his best.  My wife and I just watched all three this last week.

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Tuolumne Lawman:
The beauty:

Major 2:
I have to put "Quigley Down Under" on the list in Selleck's bests column , Call it a quartet.

In another area, it is not all that often a remake is EQUIL to an original ...

The bar is set high ...and Selleck's "Monty Walsh" was worthy of Lee Marvin's version.
Jeff Bridges "True Grit" was a fine bookend to the Duke's .....

"Magnificent 7" paled badly to Yul Brenner & Steve McQueen's original IMHO ,it just did not impress me like the
impression on my younger lofty vision....

We'll have to see if the new "Wild Bunch" remake can play in the league  :-\


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