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Turn of the Century Colts?

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200 gr lead and 8.0gr of Unique


   Using BP handloads, I once shot my Colt's 1902 Philippine DAA .45. It shot rather well!


Baltimore Ed:
I’ve used the top two when I was dressed in my Span Am outfit. Nice .38 civilian Colts from the 1890s. Atrocious trigger pulls though.


A friend of mine had at least a dozen (probably more like two dozen) early double action Colts, which he very graciously allowed me to shoot.  All had very nice single action pulls.  All had equally bad double action pulls.  You could tell Colt really wasn't planning on anyone SHOOTING those things double action!

Got to play with three '73Ps (all in 45 Colt) in a Ransom rest today: one BP frame, one late 1st gen, 1 2nd gen.  Accuracy was . . . well, mediocre, with BP factory-equivalent loads, but it was interesting.  Cylinder throat diameters were all over from .4508"-.457", but no thread choke (a definite plus).  If one would have had consistent cylinder throat diameters I'd probably have a "new" pistol.  But it was fun!


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