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I don't look good naked anymore...

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Major 2:
I don't even anymore ..anymore

good thing I don't drink beer ...might not even be here....anymore !

Dave T:
I'm old and fat and busted up, and my wife still likes me. Can't decide if that is just lucky or I've been blessed by the good Lord.


G Bulldog Grainisland III:
Hmm, I guess there is some truth to that.
Some one at my gym just called me old fat pink dude.
I do outlift him though  ;D
Pretty sure I'll outshoot him as well if need be  :)



Used to know an old man who had a PHD in theology, he always said if you don't believe God has a sense of humor stand naked in front of a full length mirror. ;D

HI Del

That and look at a Giraffe and an Platypus. 



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