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A poem by poeticcowboy


Bristow Kid:
Cowboy Lullaby

The coyotes sing a lullaby
The wind carries the tune
The stars are the only light
On a moonless night
For a lonely cowboy
A bedroll, six gun, and sadlle
Are all he owns
The wild creatures
Are the only friends
For a lonely cowboy
Wind, rain, and time
Have etched a portrait on his face
A portrait for pain and lonesomeness
The world passes him by
His lifestyle will soon die
But on he rides
Rides for the brand
And rides for his pride
Till he dies
To be buried
Somewhere on the prairie
Where the coyotes can sing
His final lullaby

Cowboy Heaven

There must be a Cowboy heaven
For tonight I did see
The prettiest angel I ever did  see
With flowing hair
Like the flowing mane
Of a wild stallion
Topped with a cowboy hat
They way she smiles
Lights up the  night
Like the moon over western skies
A smile that would stop
A stampede of raging long horns
The flowing lines of her body
Remind me of a throughbred
On the move
Every motion is like
Poetry for the eyes
Her beauty flows
In to everything around here
Spreading her beauty like wild fire
Across the prairie
I know the Lord loves cowboys
Cause he created a cowboy heaven
Full of angels like her


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