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Major 2:
I for one, think it stinks that Photo Bucket has , for want of a better Description, holding what were the Free photo listing,  for profit..

as such they place a BIG gray METER/Clock whatever in the Photos place....

in effect holding your COOL photos for ransom....

If I see, the PHOTO PUCKET PIMP ...I'll delete...they do not get to advertise on my watch

Please, understand nothing against you the Fellow showing his fine guns. or sharing photos... I just have a Pet Peeve for PHOTO PUKE

Please feel free to re install or post your photos from any new source that is not out to squeeze your pocket


Rooster Ron Wayne:
Amen .
I had to get my photos off the Bucket one at a time  :-[
Not very happy with the Photo Scam Bucket BS .
We should start a class action lawsuit aganst photo bucket for holding our photos for random !
Rooster Ron Wayne


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