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I have a Rossi 92 that I am wanting to put a spring kit in while I have it apart. Question is which kits have people had good luck with.
Steve's gun's has the DIY action kit and any needed parts. I have heard nothing but good about his work.
I've also heard about kits from Palo Verde and Lee's Gunsmithing. All seem to have good feedback from those who used them.
Any pros/cons to any of them?


I have used them all.  They ALL work very well indeed.  I am, however, partial to Steve's Guns Rossi Kit.  There is absolutely NOTHING about the Rossi '92s Steve doesn't know.  If you have one of the later Rossi rifles with that stupid bolt top safety, be sure to include Steve's parts to get rid of that dumb safety.  CAUTION!!  There are some tiny little springs/balls under that safety.  If not careful taking that safety out, those necessary parts will disappear into the Dust Bunnies and you will NEVER find them.  DO NOT ask how I know this FACT!!  ;D

Thank you Coffinmaker!

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