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Good morning, Professor!  I think most barrels are over-torqued, especially revolver barrels.  I've developed a theory, on very limited experience, that one of many reasons for Smith & Wesson revolvers having a reputation for outstanding accuracy was the use of the cross pin to secure the barrel.  I've un-barreled several of them, and they were very lightly torqued.  In fact, a couple of them could be unscrewed by hand.  Thus, they didn't have the barrel squeeze at the frame that many revolvers today have.   Like I said, it's just a theory, and based on insufficient data, but I think it makes sense. 

Thanks again!


--- Quote from: Professor Marvel on October 17, 2017, 10:31:51 PM ---My Dear Niederlander -

it is my pleasure to be of service! and, after posting that wall o' text, Irealized that you were not actually asking for
ft-lbs of torque, but

"how many degrees a barrel should be from top dead center when hand tight?"

wow. talk about   "reads well but poor comprehension" on my part .....

The rifles I mainly build are muzzleloaders or BP carridge single shots.
mainly .

So I mainly deal with octagon barrels. And octagon breechplugs.
That means if the point of the octagon is at tdc, I have 1/16 of
a turn to get the flat "on top"

I personally find that 1/8 of a turn is too much, and I prefer 1/16 of a turn or less,
depending on how much "torque" is required.

I do hope I got my fractions correct...

As you can imagine I am in the 25-50 lbs crowd....

prof marvel

--- End quote ---
So you're saying half a flat off tdc when hand tight would be correct?

Professor Marvel:

--- Quote from: Niederlander on October 18, 2017, 07:54:38 PM ---So you're saying half a flat off tdc when hand tight would be correct?

--- End quote ---

Ah My Dear Niederlander -

I would not go so far as to say it's "correct"  :o  
But it works well for me and I have had no blowups!  ;D
or unscrewing, or any lack of accuracy ....

I settled upon half-a-flat since it did not seem to take a 200 lb man and a 6 foot wrench to achieve.
Ie: I could get there without destroying my bench, vice, tools or the gun or barrel...

It stays on so tight I need a wrench to get it off, so it is tighter than "hand-tight" and, I believe , in the 20-40 ish  ft-lb range.

Now you have tweaked my little grey cells, so I must get my automotive torque wrench modified to measure this ......

prof marvel



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