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An interesting QUESTION !!!

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Anybody know if anyone has successfully modified a 45 Colt '92 to run with Cowboy 45 Special Cartridges??

Back before July 2010 I was working on the problem but an extended stay in Hospital killed the project.  The question has been brought up again.  I don't personally know of anyone who has successfully done it.

Or how about running 45 Schofield in a 45 Colt '92??

A curious but weak mind wants to know ........................................

Not even a "Nibble??"

I'll bite.
Just ta help ya out CM.
Nothing to add.
At least about 45 spl in 45 Colt 92's.

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--- Quote from: Coffinmaker on September 03, 2017, 01:07:46 PM ---Not even a "Nibble??"

--- End quote ---

I believe ya got it right the first time - a too short round in a 92 is gonna be seriously difficult
1) ifn ya block/pad the rear end of the carrier then it gets difficult to stop the round from flippin up skywards in mid cycle - when said carrier lifts - thats what the narrer rails at back behind the rim groove are for (you know that bit)
2) similar prblem at thee front end - feeding relies on boolit nose encountering roof of chamber to help bring the nether end up thru the grooves in the guide rails - so it is in line with nbore to chamber - this is why winchester originals feed just that bit better than fakes that use dead straigth wall cases (compaere a 38/40 to a 357 mag or a 44/40 vs 44mag - the winchester round wid its little bit of bottle neck just is slicker n quicker -)  -- back to th chase -----with a too short round the bolt is gonna push it forwards ok but the nose is gonna jam into the works above the chamber - its gonna miss the hole - cuz there nothin to turn its rocket like 45 degree forward travel into horizontal forward motion - gee that bit sounded technical didnt it !!!
This whole deal would be easy in a toggle link by comparison - ifn that is too hard - then a 92 is much closer to impossible  -- all this should be just aboot enough to get ya back to try again  ;D --- you the guy tole me I s wastin me time on them pistols - (that worked)  - this idee is a more waste of time project IMHO . of course when ya get it workin ya just done somethin almost impossible so thats payoff (if ya have time to spare an the degree of stubborness required)
All of the above is totally my surmise - I never tried it - see no reason to do so - have fooled with 92's a lot - but - always ya learn some new stuff.

heres a story for ya - discussin a 92 job with a mate this afternoon - he rebarrelled a 32/20 for one of our guys - fits the sites with a lil laser thingy hes got - at the range they put a nice group in the far left edge of target frame - near blew one leg off it - move the sites till they all skeyew in the dovetails n it olnly comes across aboot 2inches (this all at 50 yards) now that aint right ! 2 or 3 inches at 50 is a minor movement of iron sights - first thought was magazine interference but that were not it - so back to the shop and yank out the barl - whaddaya reckon??
Barrel maker has profiled the tube for him n took it a tad too small - shoulder is not bedding properly on the front of the action - wants to disappear inside the thread on one side but bedding enough on tother side -- so he makes a sleeve/bush thing so he ends up with like a washer between action and barl shoulder - all is good in the camp again - we in the black wid first shot .
Imagine the stresses in the steel of that barl !!!!all from a simple lil ooooops took too much off that last cut!!! 

King Medallion:
All right, I'll say it. .45's don't belong in a 92. There, I said it.  :D


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