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A Sad Tail of Woe

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Several Lustrum ago .... when Navy Arms was still a going concern, I bought a really nice Navy Arms marked '92 Short Rifle.  Stainless, Octagonal barrel, really nice wood.  45 Colt.  When it wouldn't run 45 Schofield, I decided not to mess with it and sold it on.  Been trying to find one like it for the last several years.

This go around, with a '92 I'd probably be inclined to find one in 44-40.  I don't own anything in 44-40.  Just might be fun.


Major 2:
I had one just like that to try out ...except the wood was somewhat mismatched , nice but grain and color were off....

in my case, I opted for a Marlin (JM) 94 in 45 ....

And I had one just like it  :)  Bought in late '99 I think.

It replaced my first CAS rifle, a .45 '94 Trapper (yeah, really baaad choice), so it was a major step up.  I got it because I decided I wanted to shoot BP and mistakenly thought I needed all stainless guns for that.   But even with some work it wasn't very smooth, and then one weekend at a big match I bought a .44 Spcl '66 and then won a .357 '73 the next night at the banquet, and after that the poor '92 just sat unused until I sold it a few years later to help finance my .45 '73 Trapper.

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Major 2:
Like Abilene ...I moved on  ..to a 44 Special 73

Blackpowder Burn:
I was never a big fan of the '92 until I acquired an old Winchester in 32-20.  I love that rifle.

It's always a hard choice deciding whether to take it, my original '73 in 38-40 or my Lightning in 44-40.

So many toys, so little time.................


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