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Capt Quirk:
Even though this is an 1892 group, my Win is only off by two years... don't grab the rope yet. When I got my model 94 .30-.30, it had some rust on it. No big issue, but I thought I'd give it a fairly thorough cleaning. In doing so, I took the forestock off to clean and oil fund e breath. Things went fine, until I tried to put the screw back in the retaining band. I just can't get it to start threading. Is there some secret trick I'm missing?

Buck Stinson:
I take it that talking about the front barrel/mag tube band, right?  Take it off and turn it around so the screw goes in from the other side.  Sometimes this will work.

King Medallion:
I had that same problem when I refinished my  stocks on my 92. I just squeezed it a touch with a pliers.

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Capt Quirk:
Thanks guys, I'll give it a go.


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