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Tuolumne Lawman:

--- Quote from: Mean Bob Mean on May 23, 2017, 08:41:19 AM ---Thanks, but someone cut off 8 inches of barrel.  ;-)

--- End quote ---

LOL, it's a 20" like mine.

Long Johns Wolf:
I had one with a 24" octagon barrel in .45 Colt. Beautiful bluing and case colors. Nice fit of metal to wood.
Excellent accuracy up to 150 yards. Did not try her at longer distances. Only shot smokeless ammo through her.
The bad news:
# The mag tube had this habit to move forward from recoil. To a point where the cartridges could no longer reach the ramp. This a smith corrected by a screw through the forward section of the tube. No cowboy needs more than 10 rounds, ha.
# More important, this smith who is specialized in cowboy guns could not get her to cycle the cartridges 100 % of the time into the chamber. Had stovepipes, catridges stuck under the ramp, you name it. The best was ca. 95 % reliability. You would never know when she would decide to jam.
Despite the accuracy she had to go.
Long Johns Wolf

King Medallion:
That one in the above auction, looks exactly like my 92, same muddy looking stock color. I refinished mine, looks much better. My question is, is it a Model 65? Mine says Mdl 92 SRC under the lever, but there is no src. Have another one in 38/357 that does have a src. So what makes it a 65?

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Model 65 is the original designation.  They later switched to 92 to avoid confusion!


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