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Read! Check you R&D cylinders

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Tuolumne Lawman:
EDIT  This is good enough Info to be a Sticky.... Major

I meant to share this last week.  After two matches, I was looking at my new R&D cylinder from my 1860.  I noticed the ferrule's that hold in the firing pin were really beat up and the firing pins were sticking after only two matches.  To my surprise, they were all backing out of the threads of the rear cylinder cap.  In fact, two fell out with less than a quarter turn.  This explains the three or four light hits I had the last match.  As they retracted, the firing pins became inertial firing pins.  

I had an order going in to Howell, anyway, so I ordered 5 replacements for $2.50 each.  I didn't want to squawk to them as I should have checked them.  I already had a screw driver modified with a center notch from years ago when I had some R&Ds on 1858s when they first came out, so it just took a minute to change them out. I put a drop of blue Locktite on it just in case.  

When the ferrules are seated properly, they are almost flush with the back of the rear shield, and the tip of the firing pin prevents the hammer from hitting the ferrule when the firing pin actually hits a primer.

Rooster Ron Wayne:
Thanks for sharing the info TL.
I will check all of mine today .

Thanks, i1ll make a screw driver and check mine.  :)

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Navy Six:
I recently ordered a couple of R&D cylinders for Uberti Dragoons From Taylors. One of the smarter things I did was also order their pre-modified screwdriver that fit the ferrules. It is a very close fit and I probably would have ruined a couple of screwdrivers trying to make one before getting it right. Well worth the money. I'm very happy with the cylinders as both guns shoot more point of aim with them installed. So far after two matches I haven't detected the ferrules backing out, but I treat them just like the other external screws in the guns--meaning before each match I make sure they are snug.

Hoof Hearted:
This is an inherent problem in the R&D / Howell / Taylor drop in design.....

Shameless plug:

The drop in Thuer (Colt) and Kirst Pale Rider (Remington) are both drop in designs with only one firing pin and no ferrule (much more reliable) and www.cartridgeconversion.com has them both at $235.00


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