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92 Rossi (New to Me)



I have a couple original 92s in 44-40 but wanted one in 38/357 so picked up a Braziltech from a gunsmith who had removed the safety, put a metal follower in and also installed a Winchester one piece loading gate.  This thing is smooth and really accurate, beer can accurate at 50 off hand all day long.

It had a slight issue ejecting empty 38 brass-(357 and loaded ammo was fine) - I fixed it by shimming the Extractor to give it a stronger grip on the shell.  It occasionally will eject the next loaded round with the empty, especially when holding the barrel down why cycling the lever, and with shorter 38s.  I shimmed the LH cartridge guide out as far as it could go without pinching the rounds coming up, this helped a lot but is still does it once in awhile...  Any Idea?

Also,  Where to get parts, besides the importer?


You need to talk to Nate Kiowa Jones at Stevesgunz.com     He is the 92 Guru and was at one time the warranty dude for Rossi in this country.  What he doesn't know, you don't need to know.

Whenever I have set up '92s to run, I have actually reduced the extractor (OEM is too stout).  Also installed a reduced ejector spring.  I always shim the right side cartridge guide until it will just kiss the cartridge.  Correctly set up, a Rossi will cycle 38s awfully fast.


PS:  You also need to reduce the Lever Latch spring and polish the pin.

Thanks for the reply Coffinmaker..

The extractor is cut a little crooked at the tip and between that and the offset ejector the mouth of the emptys is scraping on the right side of the receiver on the way out and that slows them down enough that once in awhile they would not come out.  Making it stronger made it so the 38s come out a foot or two depending on the speed of the lever.  I'd like to get a new extractor that is straight and start over.  I think I have the double feed fixed, ended up taking some of the shim off the left side and adding some to the right, ran 100 through it the other day with no issues.  That lever latch is also an issue, it did not contact the frame at all, either the frame is too deep there or the latch pin was too short, didn't look anything like an original.  I took it out and enlarged the groove that the holding pin runs in, this let it stick out farther and I also put a lighter spring in, probably going to be too light once the gun gets looser and broken in but I'll wait and see.  I can always make a new pin out of a drill bit if I half to.

I called Nate but he was out, I will try again.


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