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Why the 1892?

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I love the '92!  After all, it's basically a downsized '86 for pistol cartridges.  I think it's easily the best pistol caliber lever action rifle ever designed.  The original Winchesters are so good you just assume they're going to work every time if they've received any care at all.  Great little rifles!

Blackpowder Burn:
While not as slick as a '73, they are undeniably more compact, lighter and stronger.  I have two originals.  One was my great grandfathers saddle ring carbine in 44-40.  The other is somewhat unique.  The action serial number dates to 1898, but it was never built into a rifle until 1996.  It is now a 28" rifle chambered in 32-20, and is the slickest '92 I've ever handled.  It's now my go-to CAS rifle.

King Medallion:
Mine is a Rossi pre safety SRC without the ring, my go-to CAS rifle. Been shooting it for almost 20 years, not a single problem.

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44 centerfire:
Had a 1917 1892 44WCF saddle ring carbine that I purchased from an importer in N.Jersey that bought the well used 92s from So. Amer.  I got the 92 late 70s. The US importer buffed and blued them and they were listed in some gun magazine for sale. I wanted one real bad and didn't care of the condition. Well, the barrel had pits and shallow lands and a large chamber. I still have a few swelled up 44-40 cases....pain in the a** to reload.

The story was South America bought the new 92s from Winchester without the wood back in the day. Mine had mesquite wood, looked decent....but, early 80s Rossi came out with first 92 copy. So I traded the Winchester for a Interarms 65 in 44 Mag.....Rossi 1892....only caliber that was available at the time. I was thrilled of the trade. Action was very stiff, so I got Steve's Gunz modifacation kit for the 92 Rossi, of which it is now easier to cycle.

Yes, as someone said that it is much lighter than my Navy arms 1873 early copy. Also a sweet carbine. OPPS....my 1873 is made by Euroarms Brescio, Italy......

44 centerfire

The '92 get a lot of shady press.  I don't really understand why.  Anything you want to use in CAS requires a certain amount of tuning to work well for what we do with them (any rifle). 

Before the Short Stroke '73s, the Go-To CAS rifle was the '92.  Cleaned up, adjusted, good springs and the '92 can be very fast indeed.  Only after the advent of the Short Stroke rifle and the insane race for SPEED got into full swing, did the '92 fall into disfavor.  If a shooter is not after the Brass Ring and just desires a reliable and smooth rifle, the '92 is pretty hard to beat.



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