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The story of Tuolumne Lawman... My alias


Tuolumne Lawman:
In 1994, I was a Deputy Sheriff in Tuolumne Co. California, in the Gold Country.  i was an investigator, investigating violent sex crimes, especially against children.  To say the least, I needed some escapism, because daily reality for me was pretty grim.  Then I found SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting.  It was History of the Old West and shooting.  What more could I ask for.

I joined SASS in late 1994, and In about 1998, I became a life member. I became a staff writer for the Cowboy Chronicle from 1996 to 2011 doing doing more than a hundred articles during that time.  Most were evaluations of current CAS weapons, interspersed with a History of the originals.  I also did a series of "Classic Test reports" shooting original frontier pistols and rifles.  I finally drifted away from CAS in 2012 because it was becoming IPSC in Cowboy boots.  This year, I came back  because I missed shooting the frontier weapons, and the cowboy spirit.

My Alias was simple.  I had acquired a late 1800s Tuolumne County Deputy Sheriff's badge, so the seed was planted.  I always loved the gold rush, and the History of the Motherlode.  Some aspects of my alias are an 19th Century parallel of my own.

"Tuolumne Lawman" was born in Illinois, and joined the 7th Illinois Infantry of the Union Army during the Civil war. After a time ended up assigned to the  Provost Martial (Military Police) as a mounted trooper.  He grew to accustomed to chasing guerrilla bands, deserters, and renegades. After finally mustering out of the Union Army in 1866, he traveled to the promised land of the California Gold Fields.  After mining less than successfully for a year or two, he was first hired by Nevada County Sheriff Stephen Vernard, as a deputy, after being in Venard's posse that tracked and killed the three WELLS FARGO stage robbers outside Nevada City. He then migrated down to Sonora, where he hired on as a deputy Sheriff for Tuolumne County by Sheriff Bourland.  He spent his time in the gold camps, keeping the peace, and once again chasing those who victimized people, and went against the law.

He was still armed with the faithful 1860 Henry and two New Model Army (1858) Remington revolvers he carried in the Civil War. Eventually, he had a local gunsmith convert the Remingtons to shoot the same .44 Henry ammunition his rifle used, by using a two piece cylinder conversion popular in the times.  He kept the percussion cylinders handy, however, in his saddle bags with some powder, balls and caps, incase cased ammo became scarce.

Good start! Please don't write and after a bit not end the story like some other stories here.

 Awsom !!!! History,,if it's legend,,,,print it.

 Smok'um if ya' got'm,,,Hootmix.

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