Shoot out at Coyote Gulch (brief report)


Cuts Crooked:
Howdy Gang!

Jist got dun kleanin' up the last of the gunz 'n gear from this weekends Shoot Out at Coyote Gulch.  :)

Haven't time to put it all down here right now, but I'll be working on a write up over the next couple of weeks for The Shootist. ( I hope I can do it justice!) I will take the time to comment that it was a FABULOUS match! Lots of pards there that I see here, and a lot of new freinds were found while I was there. The stages were both fun and challanging, without being too difficult fer a ol geezer like me to git thru. I saw some remarkable shooting too! (I didn't do any of that "remarkable" stuff though! My rifle jammed on the last stage and I dropped about 13 rounds off my scores!  :-[ )

In total, it was one of the better matches I've attended in my brief three years in the CAS game! Tracy and The Fort Des Moines Rangers went all out putting this together and they did a fantastic job! Lots of vendors, lots of match sponsers, some really super prizes to draw for. They did a surprizing job of rounding up those match sponsers and frankly I was amazed at that. According to Tracy this was the FDRs second Annual match and the attendance nearly doubled over last years Annual. I hope I get to be there for next years, because this is one not to miss! There's jist too much fun to be passed by!

........And then there was the FOOD!!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D   


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