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Ruger Anniversary Blackhawk


Just got one today on a trade/purchase at the local gun shop.  It's .357, blued, with 4 5/8th's inch barrel.  Have not fired it yet, but have looked it over, taken it apart, cleaned it, etc...

My evaluation is that this is a sweet gun and if it shoots as well as it looks, it ought to be a real keeper.  I love that XR3 (or Xt3, whatever it is) grip frame from the old blackhawks.  Seems to fit better in the hand and have better balance. 

Front sight mounting on my specimen looks perfect (and believe me, I can look over a gun for hours and find its flaws).  Loading gate rod isn't totally centered, but I think that's because of how the frame was cut, but heck nothing can be perfect, and that's the least important feature on a gun.  As long as it eject spent shells that's fine.  Trigger is very crisp (2 or 3 pounds?) with no creep.  Almost effortless to pull, but not too light.  Finish is good, everything cycles well.  Grips are hard plastic and look good.  Not sure if I'm going to swipe them out for stag or faux ivory later.  The revolver has the bevelling that we hear about in the new Vaqueros for ease of holstering, as well as the reverse indexing pawl.

Will have to take it to the range when it stops raining, but so far, very pleased. 

Now if they could make a Buntline version (10" or 12" barrel)...

Took her through the paces today and shoots just fine.  Is a very nice sixgun.  Now if they only made an good concealment crossdraw holster for it.

Doc Shapiro:
Sounds like a winner.  Bob Mernickle might be able to make a CCW type holster for it.

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--- Quote from: Doc Shapiro on May 29, 2005, 10:17:06 PM ---Sounds like a winner.  Bob Mernickle might be able to make a CCW type holster for it.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, will check out his website.


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