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Old Westerns on TCM

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FloraBama Kid:
Every Saturday morning I watch the Westerns on Turner Classic Movies and usually 1 or 2 more durning the week.

Well this week there were two Errol Flynn movies:
"They Died with Their Boots On" and "Santa Fe Trail".

Both of these did a hugh injustice to actual history but they are both very entertaining. These two had a lot in common other than the lead actor. The leading lady in both was Olivia de Havilland and both started with the actors attending the U.S. Army Academy in New York.

The first of the two movies was the story of General George Custer (not true to history) and Custer was also a major character in Santa Fe Trail; played by Ronald Reagon.

I only wish they made movies like these today. Great stories, beautiful scenery and of course I especially like seeing the guns and horses. ;)

Hope ya can catch some of these great movies...

Will Pluggum:
Howdy FloraBama Kid, welcome to CAS City!...So you like old westerns? Lets test your classic western movie knowledge!  ;) In this scene John Waynes slighly inebreated buddy is acting out a scene from a play he saw.  He say's "[villian]you must pay the rent. [heroine]But I can't pay the rent. [villian] YOU MUST PAY THE RENT! [heroine] But I CAN'T pay the rent. [hero] I'LL PAY THE RENT! [heroine] MY HERO!
O.k.FloraBama..What classic Duke movie am I referring to?

My all time favorite is Dances With Wolves but maybe not fair to compare this one with the the classics.  After that , Magnificent Seven, Shane, High Noon and one I've been waiting to see a long time again, Broken Lance.  I have to plug in and watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at least once a year.  And let's not forget The Wild Bunch.  None of these really fit in the classic catagory (maybe Shane) but I prefer the later westerns, a lot of the old ones were pretty hokey or phony.

FloraBama Kid:
I have not a clue! But if I had to guess I would say "North to Alaska".  This doesn't sould like something Ward Bond would be say... ???


Will Pluggum:
Dang it.....I was fishin.  I don't know fer sure either but been tryin to remember for a long time and was hopin you would know!  I believe it was 'Red River Valley' or somethin like that but woulndn't bet money on it.  Now I'm on a mission.  Gonna find out and will let you know......... Will Pluggum ::)

Texas Lawdog:
You left out The Searchers, Stagecoach, The Westerner, Desrty Rides again, High Noon,  Red River, The professionals, Gunfight at the OK Corral, and the Cavalry trilogy: Fort Apache, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, and Rio Grande.   The Searchers has to be the greatest Western ever made and the "Duke" should have won an Oscar for his Role as Ethan Edwards.


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