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Shooter's Exercise Work-out


Danny Bear Claw:
The following will give you an extremely powerful grip which will equate to steadier aim, better trigger control and more stamina for extended shooting sessions.

Exercise #1.  Start with a 1 inch dowel about six inches or so long.  Drill a hole through it at the center.  Feed a line through the hole.  The line should be from the height of your shoulders to the floor.  With the line securely attached to the center of the dowel, the other end of the line you attach a weight.  Start with something light - just a pound or two.  To use this device, hold the dowel straight out at shoulder level with both hands and  one simply twists the dowel, curling the line around it as you go until you've raised the weight all the way up to the dowel.  Next, you slowly twist the dowel in the opposite direction slowly lowering the weight back down to the floor.  Continue twisting the dowel in the same direction winding the line up on to the dowel again in the opposite direction this time.  When the weight reaches the dowel again reverse your twisting direction and again, slowly lower the weight back down to the floor.  Do 10 repitions for this 3 times for a recomended 3 times per week.  When it gets easy to do - increase the weight at the end of the line.

Exercise #2.  Buy some of those spring powered "sqeezy thingys" at the sporting goods store.  The ones with separate pedals for each finger are the best but the ones with the coil spring that work on all 4 fingers at once are good enough.  Again 3 repetitions of 10 sqeezes each are recomended.

Exercise #3.  Physical Therapy clay.  It comes in balls of three different consistencies - soft, medium and hard.  Personally, I use the medium.  I squeeze them while watching TV or while on the phone.  Around 30 to 60 minutes a day will work wonders for your gripping strength.

Spitn Lead:
Good sound advice DBC i've done exercise #1 & #2 via the gym , where would one pick up the therapy clay ?

Danny Bear Claw:
PT clay can be purchased at most medical supply stores. 

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