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Teaching Yourself to Improve, Pt 1. Shooting time vs. non-shooting time.


Marshal Halloway:

--- Quote from: Doc Shapiro on September 22, 2004, 01:12:19 AM ---
I've been asked to write an article for the first W3G magazine. There are parts that will stand alone as brief windows into how the top shooters look at, analyze, and practice. I'm hoping that this will prove interesting. Here's part 1, shooting time and non-shooting time:

Every action involved in shooting a course of fire, from each part of the draw and presentation, to each gun-to-gun transition, to actually shooting the gun can be broken down into 1 of 2 categories. Shooting time and non-shooting time.

To explain this, let’s first look at the draw. The non-shooting part of the draw is the part that occurs from holster to where both hands come together (for 2-handed shooters), or to where the front sight becomes visible in peripheral vision (for duelists/gunfighters). The shooting time goes from there until after the 5th bullet has left the barrel. Then non-shooting time to get it back in the holster.

Once you have broken the action into shooting time and non-shooting time, you can start to determine how to make it faster and more efficient. The non-shooting parts you should do as fast as you can move. The shooting parts must be done at the pace of good target hits.

Every gun-to-gun transition can be broken down like this, as can other actions such as loading a shotgun. In this case, the trip to the belt and back to the gun is non-shooting time. Getting the shell(s) into the gun and shooting the target(s) is shooting time.


--- End quote ---

The thread can be find at

I see parts 3-6 but where's part 2?


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