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Walt OReagun:
... but has anyone shot (or perhaps own) one of these?  Bushmaster pistol in .223?

Sergeant Smokepole:
I have and the blast is horrible.

Does that surprise you Sarge? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;)


Sergeant Smokepole:
I was issued, for a very short time, an XM177E2. It was an M-16 with a 10 inch barrel and a 6 inch flash suppressor. I used it on one night op. The fireball blinded me and the blast was so intense that it attributed to the ringing in my ears today. It actually did more damage than repeated firing of the 105's.  I deep sixed that thing and went back to the standard M-16 A1 or a Chicom SKS that I had liberated from Sir Charles.

Thjat little thing was nice to carry but IMHO, was worthless when the feces struck the whirling impeller blades. The loss in veocity made the round all but useless, and the bullet had a horrible base yaw caused by the muzzle blast. My .45 was more effective on live targets within 50 yards. Past 50 yards, you were pulling your plums trying to hit and stop anyone with either.

I have a friend who has one, yes it has all the paper work.  I have shot it, but only with 22 LR with the adapter, don't know if I want to try it with 5.56 Nato (223 Rem).  With 22 LR though it is a hoot.  22 LR on full auto is pure fun.

I've seen the 223 in Contenders and XP-100's being shot, never interested me.  The worst one I ever seen was a 35 caliber round on the 284 case in a 12 inch XP-100.  The fella said it was fer Elk, but a Remington 700 in 35 Whelan would have made more sense to me at far less cost.  At they were still makin' them then.  Guess to each his own, but I like my handguns to be able to ride on my hip. ;D ;)  Oh and yes it was nasty, heard rumors that someone was thinkin' bout whoppin' the fella with a Dewey rod. ;D  The tin roof on the cover kinda rang. :o


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