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Hey guys, there is a new shooting range being developed in Montana. It is a complete town in the Bull Mountains north of Billings. Check the pictures out at and tell Mike that I sent you.

The lady in the upstairs window is Rosy Delight.  :o :-*

Micheal Fortune:
Well Petticoat thanks for the info, Roundup ain't all that far from here, 150 miles or so, give or take a few, been a while since I was down that away.

When they get up and shooting, post a schedule on the web site I might just have to rig up and head down there a time or two.

Howdy neighbor! A couple hundred miles is nothing under the "Big Sky".

If you get over this way, just give us a holler - Mike will take you on a tour and even shoot some. He is planning on about 12 stages and has several of them up now. We are having a blast in our own little corner of "God's Country".

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Big Hext Finnigan:
Very Impressive!!
That's a nice investment in buildings.. I hope all goes well for y'all, though I doubt I'll be up that way anytime soon.


Silver Creek Slim:



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