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Learning from Other Sports


Doc Shapiro:
In the Sports section of today's local paper there is a little column that was initially run in the Chicago Tribune (no author by-line) called "Red Sox are happy to carry idiot label".

This 3 inch long story is about something that Johnny Damon said, that the key to their success this season has been their ability to "eliminate thinking."  Damon insits that his team are a bunch of idiots. The closing paragraph is directly applicable to the shooting sports.  I'm going to copy it here verbatim:

"Now us overcoming that deficit with the Yankees, us not being very smart, us just playing baseball, I mean, that's the bottom line. We try to eliminate the thinking, and we've tried to let our natural abilities take over."

Now that is really a brilliant statement and the key to high levels of performance in sports.  Don't think.  Just do what you've taught your body to do.


Four-Eyed Buck:
Muscle memory? Practice,practice,practice.............Buck 8) :o ;D


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