Memories - Posse photo


Marshal Halloway:

This is a photo of some of our citizens who attended
the NCOWS National Shoot Banquet in July '99.
Shown are from left to right:
I. Will Ketchum, Molassas, Wayne Stevens (now Montana Slim), Mule Mauler Martin, Lone Gunman and Jack Prewitt.

Will Ketchum:
Thanks marshal!  Wayne Stevens now posts under the alias  Montana Slim.  In his early cas-l days it was Marshal Dilbert ;D

Since Mule Mauler Martin (aka Jim Chmberlain) sold "Trail's End" magazine he has been out of touch.  I sure hope all is well with him.

Will Ketchum

Derby Younger:
Lone Gunman wearing a notched vest?

Derby Younger
Duelist is Coolest


Montana Slim:
Thanks for posting, enjoyed seeing that moment in time.
Look forward to the next one.

Slim  :o
(if ya'll are catchin' up on my doins, I best consider a new alias)

Wymore Wrangler:
at least he's not wearing his woolies.... :o :o :o


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