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Laser sight duffers...


Matthew Duncan:
I’ve been eying laser sighters.  You know those duffers that slide into your guns barrel and give you the point of impact?  I’d love to check my sights and know for sure where I’m aiming.  But at $60 and up … ouch.

Well last night I made a trip to the outhouse and my creative thoughts got to flowing.  Why don’t I just buy one of those laser pens that they use to point at movie screens!!DFEED,../froogledf7.htm?>70147

Wrap masking tape around both ends so it’s a snug fit in my 45s!  $10 and I’ve got laser gun site confirmation thing-a-bob.

Uncle Eph:
you just might have something there, I wondering if they could handle the banging around. (really bad pun) ;D

Doc Shapiro:
If you can get it lined up just right, it might work for windage.  I don't think it'll be even close for elevation.  One of the factors in elevation is the dwell time of the bullet in the barrel.  While the bullet is in the barrel, the muzzle is rising due to the reaction of the bullet acceleration.  So, I expect you'd be low for elevation with the laser.

They work real well for sighting in a rifle scope, or at least getting it close enough to put on paper for a final tune up.


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Micheal Fortune:

My experiences with laser aiming devices are these.

The idea is intriguing
You get peoples attention at night
Only good at night
Other people know where you are shooting from
Short range
Because your bullet has such an arc windage is pretty easy but you will be shooting high or low all the time.

I have more luck with a good flashlight held under the forearm of a long gun or in my weak hand held under the butt with a two hand grip.

That method both illuminates the target and the sight picture.

Lots of practice at the local dump at night shooting skunks ;D

Matthew Duncan:
I should have said point of aim.

No. No. Just for seeing how much of that front sight needs to be above the rear sight.


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