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S&W M10 38 Special DA for WASA


I am considering WASA for my CAS choice.  I bought a S&W M10 4" in 38 Special for a possible DA handgun choice.  This would be a modern handgun with plenty of parts available.  The first thing I noticed was the excellent (best?) blue on this M10.  The trigger is serrated, hammer mounted firing pin, fixed sights with the front sight serrated and angled.  I replaced the factory grips with a old walnut diamond with good checkering.  It really resembles a S&W Model of 1899.  I took this revolver to the range.  I had a lot of trouble the first time out.  I could not fire a fast double action string.  I was outrunning the lockwork. The M10 was fine in single action, aimed fire.  When I tried to dump the cylinder fast, lock-up!  I took the revolver back home and decided to tear it down.  I did just that.  I didn't find anything unusual.  ?  I put the revolver back together and polished everything as I went.  I dryfired the little M10 while watching DVDs this weekend.  I have achieved success!  I put 102 rounds through this revolver as fast as I could load, fire, dump and reload and fire again.  No hitches.     I can work on a 158 gr lead bullet cartridge choice now.  I like this S&W M10 for what it is.  A truly American icon that is deserving of its worldwide acclaim and reputation.  They aren't hand made anymore but,  they respond well to a little human TLC.             CAS and double action can coexist easily.  The S&W M10 is an affordable stand-in for the Model of 1899.  I did feel "funny" in loading 1-at-a-time.  I have been reliant on speedloaders for too long.  I haven't given up on single action shooting,  I do enjoy this type of CAS though.  Think The Professionals.

The intermittent lock-up problem has returned.  My gunsmith and I are stumped.  There is 0 reason for the problem obvious.  All specs are in tolerance dimensions.  The trigger is resetting.  When the revolver locks tight in double action firing,  the revolver can be single action cocked and fired.  The trigger cannot be pulled in double action at all when the lock-up occurs.  The action isn't locked or the single action operation would not function.  This is frustrating and elusive.  Time is the only investment to date though.

Doc Shapiro:
Can't help you with this.  I don't know much at all about DA revolvers.  Good luck with it!


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According to one S&W guru,  the parts need to wear in.  He suggests degreasing and filling the action with a slurry of bore cleaner and lube.  I have had considerable success with this method in semi-auto rail polishing.  I will do that this weekend.

Bad news.  The particular M10 I bought is a bad batch.  There is good news though.  S&W is replacing it.  I will let you know how the replacement functions.


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