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45-70 ped. bodine load developement


my shooting prtner and i have new pedersoli john bodine's in 45-70.
we are beginning our load developement with kik 2f and custom
530gr postell 25-1 bullet.would like to know what others loads
are working well.especially with kik since we bought a lot.

Ol Gabe:
Have heard from some NCOWS Pards that KIK does not like to be compressed much if being used for Long Range, as in 500-1,000 yds. What distances you plan on shooting and what type of target (paper or steel clanger) will also have a bearing on the amount of powder in your load, you'll need a bit more to knock down targets or clang a hanger at 1,000 yds.
You mention you "...bought a lot.", so I'm guessing you meant a case. Some of the 'pros' suggest the best way is to work up a load in small batches, ie., load 10 cartridges with 60 gr., 10 with 62, 10 with 65, 10 with 68, etc., and shoot each batch, recording where they hit and the degree of accuracy. Use the batch that performs the best for that rifle, write it down and stick with it, or so say the 'pros'. As the saying goes...your mileage may vary.
Best regards and good shooting!
'Ol Gabe

the 2 ped. bodines  we are loading , using winchester brass only,
hold 58grs of kik frm 30" drop tube uncompressed.this leaves top
grease groove showing and the 530gr postell just off the lands.
58grs kik load and 53gr kik/5gr rl7 duplex werent impressive at all.
we have some swiss 2f/2f and 2f/3f duplex that we havent tried
yet.will post those results when cmplted.


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