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Reloading the Buffalo Load

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Black River Smith:

Sending you an email.

Editted:  GW I noticed I cannot send you an email.  What I have is a summary of reloading instructions from actual Sharps catalogs and brouchures.  These are from a book called Sharps Rifles -- The Gun That Shaped American Destiny by Martin Rywell.

Email me if you are interested and I will email you the Word file summary that I created for myself.

P.S. Evans rifle was used in Crossfire Trail.

Black River Smith

TK, I'm glad someone else thinks the same thing as I do about a taper crimp, most look at me and say HUH?

BRS and Del- Thanks for the info, I should have something to present at the seminar come Convention time. I thought it would be nice to provide as much info on how it was done back then as compared to how we do it today. Thanks again.

GW: Other than the tools that we have today, the way we reload is about the same now as it was then. If you want to get back to how the buff hunters reloaded while they were in the field, check out Buffalo Arms web sight and look for the Lyman 310 reloading tool. That is about as close as you are going to get. They did not just use paper patched bullets only. They cast and pan lubed their bullets just like we do now. They popped out the primer anyway they could, hand washed their cases, and used a brush to clean the inside of the case. Then they just dried, re-primed, charged with powder, set the lubed bullet in the case, loaded the rifle and fired at a buff. Pretty standard stuff while out in the field. These guys were not compitition shooters unless things got boring around camp. The bullets they used were they cheapest, heaviest, most flat nosed ones they could find. The cases were what was important to them. They had to be used as many times as possible. My suggestion would be to not over complicate this subject and you will do fine. ;) Good luck, and I wish I could be there. Sounds like it will be a blast.------------PUNKINCHUNKER 


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