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Sad Rolling Block

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Major 2:
My Friendly FFL ( I do a lot of old gun repair & appraisals for them )
has customer that brought in a Remington Rolling block

Good part is it has great action and in very good cond.  , bright bore

bad news it was cut down at some point and sportified , the stock is sq. cut about 1 1/4" ahead of the rear barrel band.

and some WAG mounted a modern Weaver Scope .... The customer does not know what Caliber it is

So I been asked to cast the chamber ( Kerro Safe ) in hopes he can shoot it

I'll post some photo 

If it were mine I think I'd re-barrel it and re- stock it or repair it to Carbine length ...as a project

Oregon Bill:
Major, what flavor o' rolling block did this turn out to be?

Major 2:
It was chambered in 43 Spanish

Dave T:
From what I understand the 43 is kissin' cousin to the 44-77 Sharps. That would be an interesting cartridge/rifle to play with but the other things done to it (the idea of that scope on a RB makes me shudder - lol) present something of a problem. Since 43 Spanish isn't a cartridge you can run down to the gun shop and buy (even when gun shops had ammo) one wonders what the previous owner was thinking when he/she/it put that scope on. Curiouser and curiouser.


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