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I just took the plunge and bought a rifle that could very likely have been used used by a buffalo hunter back in the day.  Many years ago the barrel was bobbed to a more manageable length, a little under 24".  I'm waiting for it to arrive, but the bore is described as quite good - mostly bright and shiny with strong rifling.  It has the rather ambiguous, but according to Roy Marcot's book, "44S" barrel stamp indicating .44-77 (or .44-90 which early on was the same shell with bullet just seated further out to allow for more powder). Needless to say I'm excited about it and look forward to getting it to the range.  If it could talk - the stores it could tell!

Coal Creek Griff:
That is SO COOL!

I might not be as excited as you are, but I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about this gun. When you get it, please take time to bring us along with more pictures and reports of your experiences in getting it back in action. Most of us won't have a chance to own an historical piece like this, but we can enjoy it vicariously.


CC Griff

PJ Hardtack:
Great find!

I've got an Argentine model in .43 Spanish, the ballistic twin of the .44-77.

I has leading issues due to the 39" barrel, so I had it cut down to 30" and recut the stock to resemble the Trapdoor carbine.

Dave T:
I am yellow/green with envy. Any No1 Sporting Rifle is a treasure to me and being in such a traditional caliber and in shootable condition makes it that much better. I would regret the barrel being cut...but I'd have bought it anyway.


Thanks Guys.

Yeah, I'm pretty stoked about it.  Its probably from the late 1870s with a 6XXX serial number range.  Who knows why the barrel was cut back, damage? muzzle wear? , maybe just to make it easier to carry on horseback.  Regardless, it was done and long time ago and its part of its history.  On the plus side, the bobbed barrel made it less collectable and more affordable - cost was comparable to a modern Pedersoli roller.  The loading components and equipment are not inexpensive, but I knew that going in and accept it.  It is tapped for a tang sight and I tthink they are factory tapped by the location.  But won't know until I get it in hand and measure the spacing and thread pitch, which should be 10-28.  Here are a few more photos.



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