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Pedersoli 1885

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Just bought this Pedersoli High Wall in 45-70, John Browning first patent that he sold to Winchester, have not had a chance to shoot it yet. I put a set of Lee Shavers med range soule sight on it and PH globe front sight

PJ Hardtack:
Lovely rifle!  ;)

I had an original High Wall in 40-60 (not 40-65), a piddly short range cartridge. At a match, a fellow with a Farmingdale '74 Business Rifle in 45-70 approached me and asked if we could do a swap. He had a debilitating wrist problem and found the Sharps too heavy, especially off hand.

It was a win-win for both of us  (my first Shiloh. Five more since) but I kinda wish I had kept the High Wall and had it rebarreled in 45-70. Couldn't have had it rechambered to 40-65 due to the rate of twist difference.

I removed the Lee Shaver sights, had a hard time seeing with my older eyes and put on a Malcolm retro scope

Ranch 13:
 At some point you'll end up swapping those mounts on that scope out, and hopefully that front mount doesn't chew up the dovetail.

Can you tell me what is wrong with these mounts, and what do you recommend for mounts



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