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Do not reply to PMs using your email software!

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Marshal Halloway:
When you receive an alert through email about a new Personal Message (PM) on our forum, DO NOT use email to reply. It will be sent, but will end up in the forum system. The system deletes these replies every 24 hours. It will not be read by any person.

The only way to reply to a PM is through the forum.

Having problems getting to my outbox, got there earlier today but can't get to it now. Went to PM only shows inbox, doesn't give choice to view in or out box like earlier today.  Thanks RJS

Marshal Halloway:

If you're not able to find the link to your sent items, you can use this link:;f=sent


Marshal, how can I get in touch with a member? I would like to talk to the Fox Creek Kid about a revolver I have a chance to buy that he used to own.

Marshal Halloway:

Send him a PM.;sa=send;u=719


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