Reloading for Beginners

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Four-Eyed Buck:
I've got a Dillon SDB, a LEE PRO1000, an RCBS Partner , and a MEC jr.. I'm still going through a learning curve with the Dillon, the LEE I've had for years and it's worked pretty good for me. The Partner is a single stage that I started out learning to reload on, it handles my rifle calibers and the 38-40's, plus the experimental stuff. Most of these company's make workable stuff, it's what appeals to you and is easiest for you to work. For the Loadmaster, I've seen too many horror stories. My mentor had one and it seemed to work fine for him, but I'd stay away from them......Buck 8) ::) ;)

Coyote Tim:
While we're on the subject, are we allowed to discuss specific reloading data, and if so, which forum? (I saw the BP forum but nothing for smokeless powder.)

Four-Eyed Buck:
Try "Shooter's Meeting", Tim........ 8)

Skullyville Tom:
I started reloading on a Dillon RL550 in 1985 when I was shooting PPC competitively, the ability fo load large quantities of ammo in a short time was invaluable, it meant that I had the time and the ammo to get out and practice several times a week, that's what it takes to do well in competitive shooting.

Photo of my bench below. 

Dr. Bob:
Skullyville Tom,

You just said it all.   Lots of practice is what it take to be competetve!  Learned that as a teenager 45 years ago.  Got into CAS 2 years ago and don't have what it takes to get to the top, so I'm in it for the FUN.  My shootin' pards and I are going on 30 years of buckskinning, reenacting and shooting together.  I mas shoot slow and miss some targets, but I have as much fun as the guys who win the whole shoot!!! ;D ;D ;D



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