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1860 Henry / Historical Henry
« Last post by Fox Creek Kid on Today at 12:35:41 AM »
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by DeaconKC on Yesterday at 09:54:59 PM »
Beautiful day today here with the most fun thing happening. Our littlest g'niece here, Molly, who is 16 months old has been on the verge of walking and Mama has been going nuts. Well my Missus and Molly's Mom took the two oldest girls to a beach and while they were gone, Molly took off walking with Dad and I here. We got video and they were thrilled when they got home.
Fun day!
TK, you be careful!
STORM / Re: Differences in Uberti Navy Grip Frames over time
« Last post by Fox Creek Kid on Yesterday at 08:13:51 PM »
Which is why Elmer Keith preferred the Dragoon grip.
1860 Henry / Re: the Russian
« Last post by Fox Creek Kid on Yesterday at 08:11:04 PM »
Trivia:  The very first Colt Model A (SAA) was chambered in .44 Russian.  ;D  The Military then told Colt to rechamber it for .44 S&W American for the first trials in 1872. Truth is stranger than fiction.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: .45-75 Winchester brass
« Last post by greyhawk on Yesterday at 07:16:57 PM »
I recently bought the Uberti 1876, and due to my own stupidity, didn't realize it was .45-75 and not .45-70.  That's turning out to be an expensive mistake.  I've been researched what brass can be reformed to make the loads.  Now I'm finding that no one is selling dies.  I tried reaching out to Uberti, only to find that they have ceased to offer the rifle in that caliber.  So now I'm stuck with an expensive and useless wall ornament. 

I did see one company offering brass made from 500 Alaskan, but they're asking $4.00 per case, and they're out of stock. 

Anybody wanna buy a brand new 1876 Uberti?  It's out of production now, so does that make it "rare"?   ::)

ahhh I wish there werent so much salty water between us - I could relieve you of your burden (at an appropriate discount of course )

I am out of touch with prices (and reality I guess) can you not find 348 winchester brass to convert over ? That is by far the easiest route I think - need a shell holder and a full length size die (only for the initial forming operation) ---My Dies are LEE

I am a great fan of the 45/75 - its unique profile and is the most "real" of the 4 calibres offered for the 76 - well worth the extra hassle for me . 45/60 of course is the common sense choice - but I never wanted to be common and often enough lacked sense - so ....................

once you calm down some there is a lot of info on this forum that can help to get you shooting - "she'll be right mate"
NCOWS / Re: Mid West Regional
« Last post by River City John on Yesterday at 07:01:56 PM »
Just to let the powers that be know, I tried to link onto the GITH 2022 website from the NCOWS web page and got a 404 Error.

GAF After Action Reports / Re: Dept. of Missouri Muster 2022
« Last post by Whiskey Double on Yesterday at 03:40:58 PM »
I would like to thank everyone for driving the distance to be there !!! And yes we had a lot of ORIGINAL GUNS.


PS I couldn't resist :-)>
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by The Trinity Kid on Yesterday at 03:19:41 PM »

lots of esoteric air traffic lately.

C5A's Hercy Birds, all coming and going much more than usual...

I was on a 767.

At the moment I am at a WiFi -having Subway restaurant in Africa. It’s rather toasty here.

The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Burn Rates of Smokeless powders
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Yesterday at 02:21:38 PM »
Trailrider and Abilene hit the nail on the head. They have both gotten the point of this exercise.

The intent is NOT to hot rod anything , but in fact the very opposite, to safely
create safe, lighter low pressure loads in giant old fashioned cases.
BUT not mouse fart loads, either.

The burn rate and pressure curve data is most useful in that  effort.
AND for clarification, I am not talking about going below published minimums.

The most useful thing in this effort in my opinion, has been the availability of smaller cases such as the
.45 Schoffield and .45 Cowboy. I find that lighter loads are safer and more consistant in smaller cases.

I also feel there is not enough real data for consistancy - ie:
weather conditions, powder position, case length and volume, crimp...

Ah my good netizens, what about CRIMP? How does one actually measure crimp?
what exactly constitutes "light crimp, firm crimp, etc?
Aaaaand as Coffin said... I am bored.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Burn Rates of Smokeless powders
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 12:07:30 PM »
All of my reloading is for CAS, and for that we need fast powders.  Since various powders are harder to find now, the burn rate chart is good to give an idea of what the faster powders are so as to keep an eye out for them when a preferred powder is not available.  Then use the load manuals for actual recipes.
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