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Taylor's trigger pull
« on: October 13, 2005, 10:35:38 AM »
I know this topic was brought up awhile back, but I have some more info.  When I got my current 56-50 Taylor's (momma felt sorry for me selling my first one to Yankee banddit for part of a new roof) It had about a 20+ pound trigger pull!  I popped off the lock plate (easy, 2 screws) and found the problem.  With all three of the lockwork arbor screws tightened, the sear was bound up. The smooth shank on the screw through the sear was about .oo1 too short.  I loosened that screw a quarter turn, and left the others tight.  It worked perfect.  I called Tammy and told her.  She will make sure that this is checked.  I will eventually stone down the whole sear so I can tighten the screw.  Taylor's would have fixed it, but I figured I could do it (took 5 minutes) so why bother.

I just lightened the trigger spring portion of the main spring by grinding lengthwise on the sear portion only.  I carefully took off less than 20% of the material  Works great.  Nice crisp trigger pull.
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