Author Topic: After Action Report for June 19 '05  (Read 2339 times)

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After Action Report for June 19 '05
« on: June 21, 2005, 03:43:08 AM »
Finally - Success! ;D
A complete match this past Sunday without so much as a hiccup. I dare say my Taylor's in .45S&W functioned flawlessly...I was using my own handloads - 200gr RNFP over 20gr of 777 2f.  Plenty of smoke, boom & CLANG. 8)  All hits, solid hits. ;D.
Speaking of all hits - in fact I shot the entire match CLEAN!!!  Yee-haa.  Only my 2nd one in 15 years. (All of this coming after a week from hell with sick puppy :'()  I needed something good to happen.
My Remmie NMA's w/ R&D conversions was coupled with my Spencer and my Rossi hammer gun.
At the start of the match, I got a tip from a feller named "Trooper", he said to try and go muzzle up for ejecting and point the muzzle down for loading.  Well, I did just that, and after ejecting the spent shell, I took my time to make sure I had picked up the next shell and the ejectors were aligned, then slammed it home. Sure, I was slow, but it WORKED like a charm.  Maybe I'm not so ham-handed afterall. ;)
...And talk about slow, the PA State Champine, Biloxi Bob, regularly shot with scores 5 times as fast as mine. :D
But hey it was fun.
I'm back boys!!
BTW, the match was at my home SASS club, The Blue Mountain Rangers of Hamburg, PA.

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