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Frontier Action Shooting in the Atlantic Provinces

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Charlie Bowdre:
Info on new Posse

Thought I 'd pass this on for information .

   South Mountain Regulators   


The South Mountain Regulators (SMR) is Nova Scotia’s newest s Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) group.
We shoot out of The Cannan Corral which is located at the Annapolis Valley Shooting Sports Club in Cannan Nova Scotia..
The Regulators are very much in the formative stages at the time . In fact during the past weekend just held our first shoot under this name. At present there are four core members but hay Rome was founded by a set of twins!

SMR is proud to be associated through its members with the Single Action Shooting Society , (SASS ) and the provincial counterpart SASS NS
.The help and encouragement of SASS NS and in particular Ed Simms (William .Bonny .) has been the force behind organizing our Posse here in the Annapolis Valley.

We must also acknowledge at this time our late pard Gordon ‘Coop’ Cooper. Coop , a long time shooter in various discipline , was one of the pioneers in the sport . For not just a few of us he certainly lit the spark of Cowboy Action Shooting in Nova Scotia.

As contact for the SMR please feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions regarding our group or  information you may wish to pass on regarding CAS in the province or elsewhere.

Our hope is to promote CAS by providing another shooting venue as well as visiting the established ‘ranges’ to shoot with friends.

Look forward to seeing you on the range in the near future

Dry loads , clear sights............
Duchy aka Alan DeWolfe


Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Hooray for the South Mountain Regulators.  May they live long & prosper.

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Good to see that CAS is prospering in Nova Scotia. 

I'll be leaving in half an hour for the Provincial Championship CAS Shoot at Rocky Mountain House.  Camping on site. Life is good:D :D :D



Charlie Bowdre:
Good Luck , Enjoy the shooting . Wish we were there . Maybe next year ...

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Just got this message;

"Hello Fellow Cowboys & Cowgirls:
The NSCAS Club has decided to move the 2011 ACCAC dates up. This year the 2011 ATLANTIC CANADA COWBOY ACTION CHAMPIONSHIPS will move to September from November, and add an extra day. This year our new scheduled date will be SEPTEMBER 16th, 17th, & 18th  with Main Match being held over both 17th & 18th. Side Matches including Wild Bunch and warm ups will take place on Friday the 16th  .
We are also looking at perhaps a Cowboy Flea Market, where as if’n ya got any shoot’n goods to sell or trade, bring em along and lay them out..
Ok, so now WE are committed to that date… mark your calendars and more will follow as time goes on.
WB"  Wounded Belly


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