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1871 Springfield rolling block

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--- Quote from: Dave T on April 18, 2022, 04:52:22 PM ---Kent,

That description of the action's function sounds exactly like the New York State Militia 50-70 rifle I once owned.  I read up on it years ago and the memory is that  modification was requested by the State of New York as a safety feature.  They were apparently afraid of their troops being able lower the hammer on a loaded chamber without accidents.  Seems like New York hasn't changed what they think of us, the unwashed and incapable lower ranks.  (smile)


--- End quote ---

At one time, I had both a NYSM .50-70 Carbine and later a rifle. Or was it visa versa? Anyway, I sold them...and I've been sorry ever since!

Kent Shootwell:
Lucky, I’m quick to “fix” replica or junker guns to make them shootable but an original piece in good condition I won’t. A large part of my interest in old guns is to understand them as they where used. Once altered the next guy will not get a clear picture of how it really was back in the day.

Nice-looking rifle--looks like it has a unit/inventory number added on the left side of the receiver ring.  A lot of these rifles were apparently never issued, but the marking suggests that it was used by somebody--likely a military unit, but also possibly a school or some kind of cadet or militia organization.

If you want to improve the trigger pull for shooting purposes, you could always get lighter replacement main and trigger springs and reinstall the unaltered originals when you sell it or are called up for active service.


Lucky R. K.:

Lucky, I’m quick to “fix” replica or junker guns to make them shootable but an original piece in good condition I won’t.

I agree with that thought Kent. I picked up my Rolling Block at a gun show. The barrel was shot out and the military style stock looked like it had been used to chop wood. The 7MM smokeless action however was in excellent shape except for the trigger pull. I put a 30" Badger barrel in 18 twist, 40-65 caliber onto the action and added a buttstock and forend from Treebone Carving. I used it to shoot silhouettes until I got too old to get up off the mat. I still use it for 200 yd. bench shooting at our local club.
Lucky  ;D


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