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1871 Springfield rolling block

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Kent Shootwell:
Spotted this in a shop at what I think is a very reasonable price. Looked to be in good shape with a fine bore so I passed it up. Now for the low underhanded part, I told my buddy about it. To dangle this rifle in front of him is like shooting fish in a barrel!  Hours later he calls and says he bought it! I now have it in hand to check over and clean while he’s looking to get 50/70 dies and brass so WE can shoot it. It is a dandy rifle and I should feel ashamed of myself. But I don’t!!

Major 2:
Been there, done that  :)

In my case it was a Krag

Kent Shootwell:
Put some WD40 on the crud and wiped some of it off. It’s in better shape then I thought and after a bit more soaking I’ll disassemble it. Some nitwit used steel wool on it and took off what was a lot of color case colors. At least he didn’t sand paper the stock!
IMG_0828 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

Does this one have the automatic safety when you close the breechblock?

Kent Shootwell:
Yes it does, and a mechanically retracted firing pin.



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