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Rem No 1 Sporting rifle - Serial Number Range

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Dave T:
A while ago I acquired a completely restored (a magnificent job by someone) Remington Rolling Block No 1 Sporting Rifle and I have spent the last half hour or so trying to find a list of serial numbers and corresponding years of manufacture for it.  Thanks to my very limited computer searching skills all I've come up with is individual guns, often listing a serial number but nothing about the date of manufacture, or the 2 million or so RB military rifles Remington made, or serial numbers and dates for modern guns.

I've never figured out how to post pictures here but this rifle came with a 30" heavy octagon barrel, barrel sights, that distinctive curved and rounded Remington butt plate, and stamped on the underside of the barrel "45-70".  Serial number is #10854.  Any help I can get identifying the year of manufacture, or even a range of years it comes from would be greatly appreciated.


Kent Shootwell:
I have no data to help but being “fully restored” can also mean it didn’t start out as a sporting rifle. A gunsmith buddy of mine built first class Remington rifles for years many from military actions. They were reshaped and when finished with top grade wood and barrel. Many were made to order and no attempt was made to pass them as factory made. Others have done the same. Not being a student of Remington rollers I can’t say how to tell but if it’s a fine rifle then it’s a fine rifle.

Can't be done.  Remington records of that era were lost/destroyed/never kept to begin with.  Military RBs can be roughly dated by contract, but if this started out as a military action the info was lost in the conversion.

You might enquire at www.remingtonsociety.org

Dave T:
I went to the RSA site yesterday.  I'm not yet prepared to spend $50 (annual first time membership) for this one rifle and question.

As for it being faked on a military action, all the markings including the serial number, caliber stamp, and "E. Remington & Sons  Illion, NY" are in the correct place.  It would have to be an intentional forgery and I hope Kent's friend wasn't in that kind of business.

Guess I'll never know,

The "45-70" strikes me as a bit odd. Every one I have seen was simply stamped "45". Only a couple of those.

45-70 sporting rifles from that era are extremely rare though. Most were .44-77s or 50-70s.  Be special if you could prove it.



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