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Nothing like fanning the hammer to bugger up the notches on a once nice revolver. I am sure a bunch of 2nd and 3rd generation colts where abused after watching TV westerns.

45 Dragoon:
No doubt about that!!  The smart ones though sent their S.A.'s out to the "tuner"  so "that" wouldn't happen!!


I read the other day on a load five from a diary, might have been John Wesley Powell. It is maybe the first I've come across from the time era.  If I recall he was going to do some rough riding, etc. so such a thing actually did occur back then. 

I can't quote page and line, but there is an account in John Finerty's (The Fightin' Irish Pencil Pusher) book, "Warpth and Bivouac" AD resulting from something striking the hammer of his gun that had been let down on a live round. Fortunately, the bullet struck the pommel of his saddle! Another account talks of the burial of a soldier who accidentally shot himself. In both cases, it is likely they were packing six rounds. 


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