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I would think that the dacron fluff, over black powder, would be no different than air space over BP. Cream of wheat, corn meal, etc isn't compressible, I don't know if you can compress the dacron enough to get rid of the air space.
It's a five and a half inch barrel.  My personal least favorite, but that's me.
the first picture enlarged

Looks like the middle gun to me  ??? 
The Darksider's Den / Re: 30 / 30 like 6.5 Carcano? BP in Carcano
« Last post by Drydock on Today at 08:34:53 PM »
FWIW Dept: There is a misconception in the OP.  The .30-30 was never factory loaded with Black Powder.  The 30 refers to a 1st generation smokeless powder.  Like the .30-40 Krag, also never loaded with Black.  This style of nomenclature was soon abandoned for smokeless loadings, but lingers on in these two rounds. 

The Carcano round has an internal volume of 3.0cc, with the .30 WCF (30-30) having an internal volume of 2.45cc    As such using low pressure cast bullet starting loads for the .30-30 is probably a good place to start.  Unique and Red Dot would probably work well in this application. 
The Longbranch / Barrel length Eastwood snake gun: For a Few Dollars More?
« Last post by Darto on Today at 08:29:49 PM »
1:50:30" into For A Few Dollars More, the man with no name (Eastwood) loads his Colt SAA revolver. Is this a 5-1/2" barrel model? Shorter? Longer?  ???

He used a different snake revolver, not a SAA, in the later movie The Good , The Bad, and The Ugly.


1:51:30" Colonel Mortimer (Van Clief)

No it's pillow stuffing. Cream of wheat won't really work in a bottle neck cartridge.
My first ‘gun’ was a Model 25 Daisy pump BBgun. Got it for my birthday. Didn't have to shake it like those lever guns as it had a spring fed magazine/internal barrel that screwed in the outside barrel. Think it held 25 BBs. Had a plastic stock but I built a pistol grip for it.  I could shoot that critter. My first new .22 rifle was a Remington Fieldmaster pump. Like a pump.
The Longbranch / Re: Something a little different or Gun-a-holic Part II
« Last post by Abilene on Today at 05:02:54 PM »
A toy gun that was my favorite was a double barrel over/under, like a big oversize derringer, and the barrels rotated on a thin axis pin.  There was also a red rubber/plastic dagger blade in between the barrels that could be pushed forward.  I loved that gun.  Unfortunately a neighbor kid was messing with it and that weak axis pin broke off.  I was so bummed. 

Rev. Chase, we also had one of those tommy guns that made noise.  I had forgotten about that.
Howdy Toy Fans,

I and a friend had fanner fifties and the rolling blocks that fired the spring-loaded plastic bullets. What great gun fights and fast draw shoot outs we had. In addition to numerous cap guns that my memory has lost there is one that still stands out. I remember it as an 1860 conversion, nickel plated with "ivory" grips. The best part was that it had "real" bullets with shells that slid off the pot metal bullets so you could put a cap in each and then reload the gun.

On a similar note, my friends and I were FORCED to attend dance lessons. We would have a competition to see how many "guns" we could hide on our bodies.

During our WW2 phase, I had a cool, plastic Thompson sub machine gun that let you pull a charging handle to the rear and would then make "full auto" sounds when the trigger was pulled.

Only slightly similar, I was 12 -14 and when my mother went grocery shopping, she would drop my buddy and me at the dump with our .22 rifles to shoot rats. Can you imagine that happening today. I would have been removed for the house and my sainted Mother would have been jailed.

We built forts on the ground. Anything in a tree was a "tree house". I don't know why.

Rev. Chase - still a kid at heart
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