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Very interesting!  Thanks for the info and the links.

you are welcome.

we must admit that it is really difficult to investigate about foreign guns when the info avaible is not in english...be it spanish gun makers, or russian, balkanic, etc...that is why not much has been written about these pre 1920´s clones and they remain unknown for most european and american gun enthusiasts and collectors, except in  Belgium and Spain.

 let me add that I have been told by a very important collector, here in SPAIN, who lived many years in Mexico, of several local gunsmiths in the Mexican area of PUEBLA, who made copies of american guns,  mainly of  the Colt 1873 and the  Winchesters 92 rifle, for the domestic market there, until the 1960´s.

Virginia Gentleman:
Many licensed and unlicensed copies of Colts, Winchesters and others were made all around the World.  The patents on the Colt SAA ran out long ago, so thankfully we have European manufacturers making them now.

I guess we can now add Standard to the clone list (yeah, Coffinmaker, I said "clone"  :D )

Gadzooks but I hate that wurd  :(




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