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Network down impacting CAScity and 1000s of other websites

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Marshal Halloway:

Hey folks!

As many of our loyal users know, CAScity has not been accessible since June 20th at around 6AM. Our server and site have been running the entire time, but a machine ( hypervisor environment ) controlling the traffic to various websites was down due to a ransomware attack.

Corespace, our server provider, has been busy restoring it from backup and unfortunately this took quite some time and at the same time making sure no websites have been compromised.

We were back online today ( 6/22 ) at 10:30AM central.

All of our data are intact and we are hopefully back to normal operations.

Ransomware attacks are an increasing problem in the virtual world and the "bas....rds keep finding new ways to create damage and force corporations to pay. In this case, they didn't make a dime though.....

More info on these type of challenges:

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Thanks Marshal.

Crow Choker:
Thank you Officer, Marshall, Sir!!!!!! ;D Figured something like that happened again as repeated try's everyday didn't produce anything but a blank screen.

Major 2:
Cyber attacks & Ransom should be CAPITAL Punishment crime  >:(
Convict the perps to Life + 100 years

Malicious hackers, as well as internet and telephone fraudsters, should be considered terrorists and prosecuted as such.

Thanks, Marshall!



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