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My bookmark for this site always takes me to Recent Unread Topics.  Before, when I read a topic and then clicked "back", the read topic would still be listed unless I refreshed the page, and then it would disappear.  Now the topic is no longer listed.  Similar thing when I post to a topic, after going back to the Recent Unread Topics it has disappeared, whereas before I had to hit Refresh before it would disappear.  Is this something that changed with the forum or did I accidentally click on something to cause it to constantly refresh?  Thanks.

Dave T:

My computer does the same thing...and I'm not smart enough about computers or the internet to have clicked on anything. (lol)


Marshal Halloway:

If you're using the back button nothing should change because your browser is showing the previously downloaded page. If you refresh the page, the topic should disappear from the "New Unread" listing because it updates the page from the forum.

The forum is using so-called cookies through your browser to determine which post you have read and that info is sent to your account inside the forum which again determines what is listed as unread.

We have no auto refresh inside the forum, but check within your browser to see there is an auto-refresh function that might be enabled.

Well, I just verified it is my laptop because right now I am at my brother's house on his computer and it is behaving normally.   I'll have to hunt for "auto-refresh" in the options of my browser (Opera), see if I accidentally enabled it.  Thanks, Marshall!

Well I am back on my laptop now, and I searched all through the Opera browser settings and didn't find anything about auto-refresh, or anything similar.  The problem continues with this browser.  But I tried it in an Avast browser and the site works properly.  Opera has some features I really like, but until I figure this out I'll just use a different browser.  Thanks again.



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